Bay Shore Wellness provides specialized chiropractic care for prenatal & postpartum women, children and all members of the family. We offer a variety of techniques including traditional chiropractic manipulations, non-force techniques and techniques designed specifically for pregnant women such as the Webster Technique.

Our hope is to help women avoid common aches and pains during the prenatal period and promote easier labor & delivery. In addition to prenatal care we are here to support women during healing in the postpartum period. We enjoy working with children and adolescents when the family desires natural healing methods. We are also here to help with all musculoskeletal conditions, dietary concerns, life style modification programs, exercise program design and lab work analysis for any member of the family. In the event that we do not offer a specialized service you are looking for we are happy to help you find a qualified practitioner to meet your health care needs, holistic or allopathic.


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